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Who are we? is a brand of SIA "GRIF" for providing labor protection services and organizing training. We provide advice to companies on ensuring a safe working environment and creating and maintaining the necessary documentation in accordance with the Labor Protection Law and binding regulations. Our experienced labor protection specialists not only provide labor protection services, but also conduct training on a safe working environment to protect employees from accidents at the workplace and reduce the risks of the working environment.

History has accumulated experience in the field of labor protection for more than 20 years, after its start in 2000. In 2006. The Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia granted SIA "Grif" the status of a competent institution, which means that, on the basis of a relevant contract, the employer engages us to organize the labor protection system of his company, including the risks assessment of work environment and the development of labor protection measures. In 2010, training programs were granted licenses, as well as the training center was registered and opened. We can proudly state that we are a part of the Latvian labor protection professional non-governmental organization "Association of Labor Protection Competent Institutions" (DAKIB). We are its founders and we continue to be active both in the association's board and in various working groups in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare and the State Labor Inspection.

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